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What is Digital Marketing Bootamp Dallas?

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Dallas is an education focused meetup group for entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners.

The mission of Digital Marketing Bootcamp Dallas is to build an active community of learners who are dedicated to connecting, influencing, and inspiring others by sharing their passion online. 


Aron Placencia

CEO & Founder of Role Play

Aron is a growth-hacking entrepreneur, investor, and sales expert. He has built five companies with three favorable exits, and has helped countless startups gain early traction with innovative sales approaches. He has also worked as a digital strategist for Microsoft, Zappos, Rackspace, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

Today, he is the CEO & Founder of Roleplay. Over the last (4) years Aron’s team has been down in the trenches with sales teams in US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, EU, and the UK and one thing is certain, there has been no consistent reinforcement of best sales practices in any of the companies he’s assessed. There has not been a platform or method that allows and amplifies the transfer of knowledge while nurturing sales reps with consistent, daily sales practice. Aron built to solve this problem by allowing companies to share and transfer knowledge and best practices from the top down while consistently drilling sales reps on every scenario that could potentially go wrong. His company is the “sales gym” where reps come to condition their “sales muscles” daily for (9) minutes.

Aron is also the Growth Partner at, and also runs coaching sales people on how to remove the inertia and break through to their best and highest self. He also leads teams by blending a sales sasavant’s close-or-die attitude with strategic and tactical expertise in all things digital.



Structured networking opportunities provide attendees with a chance to make meaningful connections in an organized setting.


Each month focuses on a different learning topic ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing. Presentations are conducted in a structured format with built in opportunities for Q&A.


Each month focuses a different networking topics that lends itself to discussions around the values of passion, purpose, and progress.  


We are proudly hosted by one of the premier hubs of entrepreneurship in Dallas, TX – Capital Factory & The DEC.


Capital Factory + The DEC

3102 Oak Lawn Suite 109

Dallas, TX 75219


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